Pingalwara and Sikh Gurdwara DC Tax Deductible Donations

Sevadars would like to thank Guru Roop Saadh Sangat for all the donations and help that everyone is doing from long time. Sevadars really appreciate that. Also, Sevadars would like to inform everyone that how this money flows for good cause towards Pingalwara.

There are two entities to donate within Sikh Gurdwara, DC. 

– One directly goes to Sikh Gurdwara DC to get receipt from Gurdwara. This is completely tax deductible.

– The money specifically given for Pingalwara by check to “Jaswant Sawhney Trust” is for Pingalwara. This full amount will be sent to Pingalwara and you will get receipt from Pingalwara and Jaswant Sawhney Trust. Please provide full address for receiving this receipt. This amount is fully tax deductible in USA, Canada and other countries which allows US Public Charity.

Please talk to us or email us ( for any queries.

Rab Rakkha!!