Sikh Monologues in Washington D.C. on December 11th

The Sikh Monologues is debuting in Washington D.C. in less than 2 weeks, on December 11!
We have set aside tickets for advance reservation.

What is the Sikh Monologues Project?

In 2013, Jasleen Singh, Director of the Sikh Monologues, embarked on a journey to record the stories of Sikhs in America. After visiting 15 cities and interviewing over 150 people, she wrote 10 short stories based directly on the interviews. These stories were then turned into a stage performance to be shared live! The Monologues ask the audience to think about everything from judgement, discrimination, immigration, to domestic violence. After four successful performances in California and New York, the Sikh Monologues is excited to be premiering in Washington, D.C. this December! For more information, please check out or like our Facebook page!

Please visit to reserve your seat! Admission is free. Space is limited! This is a family-friendly event.